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Denim London

Denim has heavily influenced I AND ME from the very start and remains the backbone of the brand. When shaping I AND ME Denim London as a concept, the philosophy of seasonless and timeless product was the key focal point. Denim is a staple found in every wardrobe and London town constantly pushes denim to new levels. 

The I AND ME design process is genderless, it will always be about fabric and style before ‘his and/or hers’; that’s where the story begins with every garment – on a neutral playing field undefined by trends.

With strong foundations, both local and international at the core of what I AND ME does; from ceramics and furniture handmade in Hackney, London, to bespoke denim runs in Istanbul, to collaborations with filmmakers, florists, writers and poets to extend the voice and vision, I AND ME was always destined to be more than just a fashion line or denim brand. Our vision is big and our future is bright. 

I AND ME will continue developing in a responsible way, through a ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ vision. The brand will remain seasonless, trendless and genderless and at some stage in the next few years a huge proportion of the fashion industry will embrace the same vision. Collaboration will always remain key to what I AND ME does.