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Washing Your Denim

We recommend washing your denim products as little as possible. Not only is denim durable and designed to be worn over and over but to help look after the environment, by simply reducing your washing to every 10 wears from 2 wears you can reduce the energy use and water intake by up to 80%.

If you have a stain that needs removing simply spot clean with a very small amount of dish washing soap and water using a soft towel or sponge.

If you do wish to wash your denim garment we recommend either hand washing or machine washing, inside-out at 30 degree’s – and always line dry.

We would suggest to wash your denim garments separately for the first 2-3 washes to ensure no dye transfer. Please also be mindful to avoid contact with light surfaces for the first few wears.

Please keep all products out of direct sunlight and heat as this may cause fading to the colour. We cannot be responsible for products damaged as a result of the this.


Selvedge Denim 

What is selvedge denim?

The name ‘denim’ is believed to derive from the name of a French material. Serge de Nimes; ‘serge’ (a kind of material) ‘from Nimes’ (a town in France).

Selvedge denim, also known as selvage, originates from the term ‘self-edge.’

Traditionally, selvedge denim would be woven on narrow-width shuttle loom, producing a unique clean edge. They will not fray, ravel, or curl. This process enhances the strength and premium quality of the fabric.