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‘What Does Genderless Fashion Mean Today?’

“When conceptualizing I AND ME I knew what I wanted it to represent through fabric and form but it didn’t necessarily have a gender. I started designing the first collection and that’s when the genderless route took place. “Genderless” means for everyone. It means a modern way of thinking. It is building momentum within the industry which is only going to be getting stronger. I think more people understand the concept now and are willing to wear a “genderless” piece. The stereotype of what makes a woman a woman and a man a man is old fashioned. The world is changing and genderless fashion plays a big part in that.”

We spoke with INDIE Mag, alongside New York label Private Policy and Muslin Brothers of Tel Aviv about our personal understanding of what it means to be a genderless brand. To read the full feature, click here and to learn more about our approach click here.