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Hungry Ghosts

Not a great deal is known about Hungry Ghosts. Asides from to their nearest and dearest, Hungry Ghosts memory lives within the two full LP’s and one earlier EP that you are near impossible to track down in physical form nowadays but can certainly be located on their Bandcamp page. Trust us we have searched for more, that is it all there is…

In short, Hungry Ghosts came, they saw, they released some songs, and then they vanished…

Just like any good ghosts should really.

Be warned, there are a few outfits flossing as ‘Hungry Ghosts’ within the limitless realms of the music world, but make no mistake there are only one set of Hungry Ghosts for us. Melbourne, Australia is/was the home for this instrumental 3-piece and their unique brand of instrumental post rock is a premium example of a ‘less is more’ music making aesthetic; languid and luscious, considered and beautiful, heartfelt and pained – at times their work truly is remarkable.

As we mentioned before, the most beautiful thing about Hungry Ghosts is that they actually operate in a completely ghost-like manner which, as we know, is rare in music. Again, all we have to remember them by are a short few statements online and their music of course, but in truth, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Let us leave you with the finest description of their craft, penned by the band themselves…

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez once remarked that good writers are not always judged by what they say, but often by what they don’t say. Hungry Ghosts ventured off into this space, deciding soon after their first rehearsal, that the Art of the Smashed-up-sonic-meltdown was best left to their heroes. What soon followed was an exercise in restraint… who could play the quietest, or who could do the least.”