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I AND ME is a sustainable gender neutral denim and lifestyle brand based in East London, UK.

Founded on the primary aim of delivering contemporary solutions, I AND ME surpasses seasonal trends by developing garments to withstand the test of time. 

Our key focus is on fabrication and function, which allows our collections to move at their own pace – reflecting the moment rather than the season. 

Natural yarns and authentic selvedge constructions woven on original shuttle looms are key to the sourcing and product development which drive the aesthetic across the brand. 

The I AND ME design process is genderless, it will always be about fabric and style before ‘his and/or hers’; this is where the story begins with every garment – on a neutral playing field undefined by trends. 

We champion a ‘Buy Less, Buy Better’ approach to fashion, with sustainability a key driver at every stage of the manufacturing process. We collaborate with local partners, alongside international suppliers who champion sustainable technologies to reduce our footprint at every possible turn. 


Studio 6
The Trampery on the Gantry,
3 Waterden Road, 
Broadcast Centre, Here East,
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, E15 2HB

Studio & Sales